📝 Week Notes, No. 2024.5

By Kerri

Weekly Highlights of January 29th - February 4th:

🔎 I decided to give Arc Search a try on my iPhone, despite not using Arc Browser on my MacBook Air. It’s interesting, but without an option to import my bookmarks from Safari, it won’t be my default browser.

🎳 Week 4 of league bowling! We had a bye this week, so we just bowled ourselves, essentially. I bowled a 101, a 129, and an 89. UGH. I keep hoping the next week will be better, but it never is. I need to make some adjustments — I’m just not sure how.

👵🏻 I stayed with my Grandma again. Her meds were increased this week to aid in sleep and hopefully lessen her hallucinating. It was a mixed bag every night. When I stayed over, she talked in her sleep a bit, but wasn’t acting out any dreams or moving around, which was good.

💻 I moved my blog to the Gibberish platform created by Zhenyi Tan. It’s still in development and I’ve only moved over a couple blog posts that I spent a lot of time on, but I just love this platform so much. I’m quite excited to see how it evolves in the future!

Other Things of Note This Week:

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