📝 Week Notes, No. 2024.7

By Kerri

Weekly Highlights of February 12th - 18th:

🩷 I decided to take advantage of omg.lol’s Valentine’s Day pricing offer and snagged philomath.omg.lol for myself. I’m not entirely sure what I’ll do with it yet, but that’s okay. I did move my Mastodon presence to their instance, though, so I can now be found at this account.

💻 I enrolled in a 120-hour course from TEFL to earn my English as a Second Language (ESL) teaching certification. I have six months to complete the course, but am planning to do so sooner than that. I’m excited to get started!

💝 I’ve never been a big fan of Valentine’s Day, and OH knows that. This year, he took me to a bookstore, which was pretty great, to be honest. We had sushi for dinner and spent the night with the dogs. Oh, and as is tradition for us, we watched a horror movie, too.

🎳 Week 6 of league bowling! I tried using a wrist brace this week for some added stability. Scores were 122, 121, and 132. Things went much better this week and the wrist brace definitely helped!

🔥 OmniFocus 4 is finally out, and it is fantastic. I opted for the one-time-payment standard license, which gives me access to the app on all of my devices. I’ve only played around with it for a bit, and I know there’s a lot more to learn. I’ll likely be purchasing MacSparky’s field guide for it, whenever that’s available.

Other Things of Note This Week:

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